The King Of Mature Dating Game

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  9. variable again, depending on her individually and the crowd she is part of. Or 'pack', as it were.]
  12. lovelysexybeauty PERMALINK
  13. October 2, 2009 5:54 pm
  14. Excellent post! The points on character are particularly good and something that has been lacking in all the Alpha talk out there. A man can be dominant yet use that power for good, as others already mentioned. It annoys me a little when people talk about character and values like they are some artificial construct our brains created to mask your true natures, which are supposedly driven by the drive to reproduce. I’m sure that drive is there and hugely important but it’s so basal and doesn’t get to the idea of human happiness, and how good character is what give you the most peace of mind in a confusing and unjust world. In fact, people who act out of character end up increasing the number of people in the entire group who can be happy and get what it is they want (including exlusive rights to a female). I am kind of rambling but it’s interesting to think about how much of a role “animal” instincts truly play
  17. aoefe PERMALINK
  18. October 2, 2009 7:10 pm
  19. Bhetti, Roissy’s post as I’m sure you’ve read is about asshole game and how attractive it is to the majority of women. I think it’s his experience with the majority of women but I’d question which women he keeps company with.
  22. David Alexander PERMALINK
  23. October 3, 2009 1:00 am
  24. Do you offer a better model?
  26. Certainly I don’t, but this notion of aping you guys as some model for masculinity is one of those things that induces moments of “does not compute”. While your politics does cloud my perspective of you, I’d still say you’re likable, but Doug and Roissy really reek of mean asshole. There’s still just something about you that doesn’t click with me in terms of who I’d want to be, and I still can’t explain why whether in words or even my own personal internal thoughts.
  28. figure out the wiring
  30. As a de facto anti-social person and lazy prick, one could argue that I saw the female wiring, and since I can’t change it, I refuse to use it. It’s just easier to stay in the shell than to go out and fool around with it.
  33. Tupac Chopra PERMALINK

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